Friday, March 29, 2013

ILNP Spring Collection 2013

Hey Everyooonnne! Today I will be sharing with you my new Spring Collection along with 4 other new polishes!

I really enjoyed creating the Spring Collection. I wanted it to be different than the typical "Spring" colors (which I still really do love). So I grabbed inspiration from fashion, nature and really anything that felt and reminded me of Spring and came up with these fabulous polishes :)

So without further adieu, I present to you ILNP's Spring Collection 2013

"Don't Trample My Roses"

"Old Gregg"

"Golden Orchid"

"What The Funk"

"Bohemian Peacock"

"Glass Slippers"

~ And here are the additional four I created ~

"She Surfs"

"Pinky Ring"

"Emerald Dew Drops"

"Sugar Blossom"

Ta da! *Sparks flying* What do you guys think?! 

Thanks! Love ya!


  1. Lovelovelove it! Seriously I now want all of them, haha

  2. Wow! They are so beautiful! I personally love What the Funk, Glass Slipers, She Surfs and Emerald Dew Drop! These four looks real special and unique to me! :D Great job (as always)! ;)

  3. Every one of these is amazingly beautiful...but my heart skipped a beat when I saw the macro of She Surfs! Excellent work. As usual!

    1. Thanks Leslie!! The new camera has done wonders for my macros hehe

  4. Omigosh, Barbara, so much gorgeousness!! The colours are just fantastic, and the coverage looks amazing too. Loving Old Gregg (hilarious yet so pretty!). Sugar Blossom is stunning (that periwinkle and those circles!). And Glass Slippers and Emerald Dew Drops are two of the most beautiful glitters I have ever seen. I think I have a crush on them. ^_^

    1. Also, with apologies, Barbra. Not Barbara. ♥

    2. Haha I love that you know about "Old Gregg"! And thank you for the compliments!

    3. And no worries about the name, I get it all the time ;)

  5. Such a pretty collection for spring! Will you be creating some neon colors any time soon???? :-)

  6. Great collection. What tha funk is gorgeous!

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  7. Stunning collection dear :) Nice blog, following you now on GFC!
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  8. Gorgeous collection, love the glass slippers the most!

  9. stunning :) They are amazing :)

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