Monday, August 27, 2012

I have an Etsy store !!!

Whoohooo! I opened up my first Etsy store! I sell my polishes I have been making. Eventually I will have the 'official' store up and running, but in the mean time here is my store!

Here is a little collage I came up with showing some of the product and how you can wear them :)
And so far I am getting a lot of love from my MUA-ers, Facebook-ers and hopefully my bloggers! Love you guys!

Monday, August 20, 2012

My New Hair!!

I finally went blonde... sort of ;)

So I finally did it, got some dang highlights. Originally I wanted to go full blonde with multiply highlights in different shades through out it, but my hairdresser said it would be too much damage to my hair.
Though I love the color, I HATE the length :( I had to cut off 6 inches! 6 INCHES! It took me about 4 years to finally get my hair to grow as long as I wanted it to. After a couple years of rocking platinum blonde, my hair would not grow for anything, or it would but would break off. I was stuck at shoulder length for a looong time.
So after going back to my roots, (brunette) I got it to grow pass the boobs! hehe. But then my annoying urge to go blonde ruined it all...
My hair was long, but not healthy. And definitely not healthy enough to bleach it, so she gave me two choices: Go long and brown, or short and blonde. I picked the blonde. *shakes head*

Another part of it, is the hair cut. I told her I was going to get it styled else where and for her to just cut off what she needed to. So she did, but I never went to get it styled :( So my hair is currently cut straight across! hehe
My bf did not like that at all! He said he would rather have had me with long and brown hair. 
So from my calculations, I should be back to my spot in 12 months! Fingers crossed everyone!

Oh and the nail polish I'm wearing is one I made! It's a teal glitter top coat applied on top of Milani Fresh Teal.

Until next time! Oh and I am building my 300 giveaway as we speak, or type. ;)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Instagram Pics :)

Here I made a little collage from random Instagram pics I had in my phone. I no longer have dark LONG brown hair anymore, oh how I regret it cutting it. I got blonde highlights and had to cut my hair 6 inches! The bf did not approve :( hehe.
Speaking of bf, I found an old picture of us from my high school prom at my moms, the pic was from 12 years ago. Holy, I just realized that, that's a looooong time ago, and we're still together! The last pic in my Instagram collage is of my fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, oh how I adore thee :)

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

~Pastel Cheetah Print Nails~

Hola chicas! How has everyone been? Awesome I'm sure! I'm just hanging at the airport on my way to Washington for my friends wedding and thought I should do a post for today's NOTD!
I used the same colors I did for my Hello Kitty Nails HERE. I think I really like this combination. It's a Pastel Cheetah Print created using a dotting tool :) I actually did these a couple of days ago, so they are not at there best :)

Of course I wont have my nails like this for the wedding (which is Saturday) but still wanted to share them :) Again hope everyone is doing great! Ill be browsing around your blogs today, love ya