Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Instagram Pics :)

Here I made a little collage from random Instagram pics I had in my phone. I no longer have dark LONG brown hair anymore, oh how I regret it cutting it. I got blonde highlights and had to cut my hair 6 inches! The bf did not approve :( hehe.
Speaking of bf, I found an old picture of us from my high school prom at my moms, the pic was from 12 years ago. Holy, I just realized that, that's a looooong time ago, and we're still together! The last pic in my Instagram collage is of my fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, oh how I adore thee :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. awh 12 years!!!!! That pic is so cute. I can't believe you cut your hair, I wanna see that :D

    1. Yup! We've been together for 13 years! Whoohoo! Ill post a pic of my new HURR tomorrow after the wedding :)

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