Thursday, August 9, 2012

~Pastel Cheetah Print Nails~

Hola chicas! How has everyone been? Awesome I'm sure! I'm just hanging at the airport on my way to Washington for my friends wedding and thought I should do a post for today's NOTD!
I used the same colors I did for my Hello Kitty Nails HERE. I think I really like this combination. It's a Pastel Cheetah Print created using a dotting tool :) I actually did these a couple of days ago, so they are not at there best :)

Of course I wont have my nails like this for the wedding (which is Saturday) but still wanted to share them :) Again hope everyone is doing great! Ill be browsing around your blogs today, love ya 


  1. LOL. This design is super fun. Well, not appropriate for wedding, but great for everything else.
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    1. Hey I was just checking out your blog! What a coincidence! Must be blogger connection hehe

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  3. I love cheetah nails with a white base ^_^ .

  4. Love the different colors, very fun!

  5. you did them yourself, that's amazing! Love them.