Monday, December 12, 2011

I did it! 3 Weeks Are Up!

Well its been WAAAY over 3 weeks, but thought it was due for an update! I lasted three weeks without wearing any makeup, horrible I know, but the odd thing is that after awhile, I felt more confident. I wasnt worried about how I looked, I just felt comfortable!
Now dont get me wrong I love my makeup and did of course go back to wearing it, but definitely not as much.
I use to wear foundation all over my face, but now I use it as a concealer applying it under my eyes and on and around my nose. Blush and mascara of course, but now I only use a clear gel for my eyebrows instead of coloring them in some.
Heres a pic I took the first day I was free! I did wear ALL of my makeup here, including lipstick.
Also please excuse the snooty face and bad webcam pics hehe


So from this experience I would say the pros and cons were this:
Gained confidence
WON the bet
Was right about it not creating my breakouts
Have a new, fresh look

Had to sport dark circles and a red nose
Felt plain
Felt out of place at makeup counters/mall/salon
I dont know how true this is, but I also felt like people treated me differently.

Aside from that I want to say Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had a grand ol' time :)