Thursday, November 24, 2011

NOTD : China Glaze Peachy Keen

Hey everyone! Hope all is well and peachy! Hehe. Well it has been 2 weeks to the day with no makeup, though we have agreed that I can wear concealer under my eyes (super dark circles). But other than that! No mascara, no brow coloring (to match my new hair color) or clear gel to shape them :( But it's alright, only one more week to go!
Alright, enough of that and on to my NOTD: ChG Peachy Keen! I love this color, I think it is one of my all time favorites. The color is like a creamsicle, orange and cream mixed together oh so smoothly! Hehe. 

Some of my other favorites are:
  • ChG For Audrey
  • ChG Re-Fresh Mint
  • MAC Liberty Blue India
  • OPI Mad As A Hatter and so much more :)

Also the number ONE top coat ever! Is Seche Vite. I swear this stuff not only dries fast, but leaves such a nice thick shine that lasts! Ive tried OPI's top coat and wasn't impressed.

I also just bought a nail color wheel! I'm assuming that's what it's called. So now I will be able to show my nail polish swatches!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mini Target Haul & Hair Color

Well I finally took a pic of my hair! Still not the greatest pics, but figured it's better now than never :) I also got a few things from Target this weekend. Some awesome boots, wedges and a scarf.
I never wear heels but these were WEDGES! hehe. I always feel too tall in heels or never really have anywhere to where them to (I work from home).They're pretty darn comfy though. 
And last but not least my favorite Elephant bracelet! It was just here on my desk and thought I would share it with you lovely bloggets! :)

**Pics taken from phone, so not too great**
Again no makeup :(

This was a day after my hair coloring, so its a little greasy! She trimmed my hair and added some soft layers

And here are my goods from Target

And my Elephant bracelet with some others that I pair it with

Monday, November 14, 2011

Glitter Galore!

Hey everyone! Well its day 4 with no makeup and it is killing me! BUT! A bet is a bet, therefore I shall stay strong!
I wanted to take a pic of my new hair color, but the lighting wasn't that great so you couldn't get the real look of it. So hopefully tomorrow during the day I will.
But what I did get to take a picture of, are my fabulous glitter galore nails! I just found this dark blue/purple-ish color; OPI Road House Blues and fell in love! I also added OPI Sparkle-icious on top of two nails.

Well Im off to bed now, but wanted to say hola to everyone and to all my new followers!

Friday, November 11, 2011

No Makeup Bet + Getting My HURR Did :)

Hey gals! So I've broken out lately with those small bumps all around my chin and forehead. My boyfriend thinks its my makeup, I think it's my hormones! hehe
So as a test or trial, I am not going to wear makeup for three weeks. Do you know what that means!? I will be looking like a dead woman walking! Not even concealer (it became more of a dare then anything else) errr... hehe
Also, I am finally getting my hair colored, cut and treated! (thanks to Groupon) haha.
I am going to go lighter, prob medium brown and get long soft layers, no more this jagged edge crappolla.
So as a BOLD move, I will post a pic of me with my 'before' hair and my ZOMBIE face! Balls I tell  ya, straight balls. Hehe 

 And my little princess Cora :)
We have her shaved like a lion, no more hair balls for her!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outfit of the Night

Hey gals! A couple of weeks ago I went back home to SF for my best friend's bday! Whose initials is SF :) Anyhoo this was my outfit! 

Going Out

Im the white girl :) and the HOT chick in the middle with the black dress is my BF :)
Hope you all are doing good!