Friday, November 11, 2011

No Makeup Bet + Getting My HURR Did :)

Hey gals! So I've broken out lately with those small bumps all around my chin and forehead. My boyfriend thinks its my makeup, I think it's my hormones! hehe
So as a test or trial, I am not going to wear makeup for three weeks. Do you know what that means!? I will be looking like a dead woman walking! Not even concealer (it became more of a dare then anything else) errr... hehe
Also, I am finally getting my hair colored, cut and treated! (thanks to Groupon) haha.
I am going to go lighter, prob medium brown and get long soft layers, no more this jagged edge crappolla.
So as a BOLD move, I will post a pic of me with my 'before' hair and my ZOMBIE face! Balls I tell  ya, straight balls. Hehe 

 And my little princess Cora :)
We have her shaved like a lion, no more hair balls for her!


  1. aaw your kitty is so cute.
    And you still look gorgeous without makeup. I posted a picture of me with none on once, its good to feel comfortable in your own skin. Although we all love our makeup!

  2. sorry your having this skin issue, hope it gets better for you. i can't wait to see you new hair ;-)

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  4. gosh, dont even remind me about hormones...why we women have to suffer :)
    im happy to see not every woman wears make up every day:) im not alone
    take a look at my blog:) if u like it, follow me

  5. Completely gorgeous with out without make up. Brave girl though, I'm not sure how I'd fair for 3 weeks!! xo

  6. You're such a beautiful girl, you don't need makeup!