Monday, November 14, 2011

Glitter Galore!

Hey everyone! Well its day 4 with no makeup and it is killing me! BUT! A bet is a bet, therefore I shall stay strong!
I wanted to take a pic of my new hair color, but the lighting wasn't that great so you couldn't get the real look of it. So hopefully tomorrow during the day I will.
But what I did get to take a picture of, are my fabulous glitter galore nails! I just found this dark blue/purple-ish color; OPI Road House Blues and fell in love! I also added OPI Sparkle-icious on top of two nails.

Well Im off to bed now, but wanted to say hola to everyone and to all my new followers!


  1. sparklicious looks soooo pretty! i'm so bummed I couldn't get my hands on it :(

  2. oh thats a pretty glitter you got there ;-)

  3. Love that sparkley color with the black!
    I personally love not wearing makeup, just beacuse my skin feels like it can breathe again!

  4. fabulous!!! love the glitter on the accent nail :))

  5. Thanks girls!
    @ Kim's Vanity, you can get away without makeup, your gorgeous!