Sunday, September 18, 2011

Im Selling my Sewing Machine!

Hey everyone! Its been a looong time since I made a new post! But I sure didnt forget about cha! :)
Anyhoo, a couple of days ago I put my sewing machine up for auction on Ebay (selling it worldwide).
So in hopes to see if any of you inspiring or experienced sewers would like a chance to purchase this beloved sewing machine + 96 spools of great thread! I thought I would post my ad and link here!
Let me know what you think!


I'm selling my Singer 7468 sewing machine for I haven't used it as much as I would like to and need to sell some things. It's in great condition. Everything works great but the manual is starting to unravel. I am also throwing in my case of 96 spools of 100% cotton threads.

Included in this bid:

- Sewing Machine + Pedal + manual + random misc. things (see picture)

- Carrying Case

- 96 Prima Donna Oren Bayan spools of thread (see picture) + carrying case

- A 'Ruffler' foot attachment (never been used)

Singer 7468 Sewing Machine (scroll down for info on the thread)


The Singer 7468 is a fully electronic sewing machine. It has a full range of utility, decorative,quilting, heirloom, and stretch stitches. Each stitch is electronically formed and optimally set, which means every stitch is sewn with exact precision. You can even do free motion work with its drop feed feature. The Singer 7468 also threads quickly and easily with its 6- Second Threading System. And with Pushbutton Stitch Selection, even selecting a stitch is a snap.

140 Stitch Functions
(100 Stitches)
7 Styles of Fully Automatic Precisely Balanced 1- step Buttonholes
Pushbutton Stitch Selection
Electronic Stitch Formation
Automatic Optimum Stitch Settings
6-Second Threading System
Drop Feed
Needle Up / Down
Top drop-in bobbin with Bobbin Viewer Slide Plate
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame
Auto Tension
Lock function on Decorative Stitches
13 Needle Positions
Long-lasting LED Light
5 Snap-on Presser Feet
Automatic Bobbin Winding
Free-arm & On Board Storage
25-year Limited Warranty

Singer 7468 Stitch Count

Included are 100 built-in stitches – an incredible variety that serve multiple purposes and different kinds of sewing. Basic utility stitches like Straight, Overcast, Overlock, Blind Hem, Shell Tuck, Zigzag and a number of stretch stitches can handle assembling sturdy seams in many types of fabrics.

The selection of decorative stitches is outstanding for this price range. There are satin stitches like Crescent, Bead, Sphere, Steps, and Diamond and some of the most intricate hem stitches like Greek Key, Kite Tail, Criss-Cross and Vine.

Singer calls their floral, tulip and puppy stitch “novelty” patterns. They can be sewn continuously or just once to decorate a corner, the top of a pocket, or the edge of a project.

A pattern reference guide pulls out from the base of the machine for quick reference. Stitch selection is accomplished by using two sets of arrow keys to submit a pattern’s two digit identification code into the sewing machine except for 12 of the most used stitches which have their own selection button under the LCD screen. The LCD screen displays the selected pattern number.

Stitch width and length are both adjustable up to 7mm for certain stitch patterns. A slider for each is located at the bottom of the control panel.

Singer 7468 Presser Feet

A total of 5 snap-on presser feet come with this machine. The presser foot lever has 3 height settings for down, up, and extra high up. Presser foot pressure is not adjustable.
General Purpose foot
Zipper foot
Satin Stitch Foot
Blind Stitch Foot
Buttonhole Foot

Singer 7468 Sewing Machine Features

Sewing machine features serve three main purposes:
-to ease and automate setting up a machine in order to sew
-to automate sewing tasks that used to be done manually
-to facilitate other types of sewing like embroidery, craft sewing (paper crafts, photo books, handbags, leather sewing, etc.) and quilting.

This sewing machine offers lots of nice features that focus on easy machine set up and some task automation for a fairly cheap price.
-Automatic needle threader
-Top loading drop-in bobbin
-Automatic bobbin winder
-Adjustable top thread tension with an “automatic” setting
-Push button controls handle many sewing tasks:
-Stitch selection
-Twin needle control prevents selection of stitch patterns incompatible with a twin   needle
-Needle Up/Down programming button
-Reverse button conveniently located above the needle arm

The Singer 7468 uses the horizontal top thread delivery arrangement for smoother thread flow, however an auxiliary spool pin is included for over-sized thread spools. A drop feed dog lever lowers the feed dogs for darning, monogramming, free hand embroidery and free motion quilting.

The extension arm slips off of the machine allowing for free-arm sewing of circular projects like sleeves, cuffs, and hemming pants.

With the right needle, this machine will handle lightweight fabrics like chiffon and crepe as well as heavy weight fabrics such as duck, canvas, and denim.

A carry handle is built into the top of the sewing machine for easy transport, the bobbin cover is see-through, and a work light illuminates the needle plate.

Prima Donna Oren Bayan Thread

PRIMA DONNA 100% COTTON Sewing Thread for all kinds of fabrics such as cotton, synthethics, mixed fabrics, linen or silk. It guarantees a beautiful and durable seam without presenting the slightest problem, by machine as well as by hand. Outstanding features of PRIMA DONNA are:
-more strength
-more brilliance
-more evenness and better sew-ability.
Machine Washable, Dry Cleanable and Shrink Free.

Retail: Sewing Machine $399.00
Oren Bayan Thread: $48.00

My Ebay price starting at $100.00 USD for it all


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