Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Want These! And How I Would Wear it!

Sooo a while back I was in a store with my friend when I saw these awesome purple suede Nikes, aka cortezes, well similar that is.

Right away my friend said no! We laughed... but I couldn't take my eyes off them, she said I didnt dress like that anymore, I think she was thinking about my *cough cough* chola days.

So anyhooo yesterday my other friend sends me a pic and I see that she has the shoes on! Right away I said, "Im getting those", Of course telling my bf first :)

I haven't gotten them yet, but wanted to make an outfit of what I would wear them with!
Here it is! I couldnt choose which grey tee and toned it down with a light nail polish rather then my normal brights.

Grey & Purple


  1. I think those are adorable! And very unique :)

  2. I love that watch and the nail colour is perfect with all those grey tones x

  3. I am going to wear that outfit tommorow!!!