Thursday, March 24, 2011

Im Here!

Hey everyone! I just finished up my best friend's bridal shower! Me and her sis, whom also is my friend (hi Shirley) put together an awesome  "Ooh La La" French theme (they got engaged in Paris) fiesta! It turned out pretty good, everyone played the games and ate the food! We served mimosas and French wine to sip on hehe
Well here are some of the pics! Miss you guys!

The Bride To-Be

We made these canopies from scratch!

Some of the gals :)

Me (my niece) Brides sis, and the bride (to-be)!

Ooh La La! Hope you all enjoyed! April 3rd is the wedding! Practicing my makeup now :) 


  1. Mon Cheri I love it! It was so cute and so creative. Such a lucky bride I am to have such awesome maid/matrons of honor! The best!

  2. Lovely pictures!

    You are welcome to join my giveaway.

  3. Hey, I'm so glad I found your blog :)! Hope you can check out my beauty blog sometime!

  4. I love, love, love your layout too.
    I don`t work on the pictures it was a friend.I think he use photoshop. the changing picture is a ".gif" . you kann make something like that in "Image Ready"(I think its a free download)

  5. I'm glad you like For Audrey too! GIRL, did you have to rub it in that you have Hidden Treasure..hah, jk! New blog updates please!!

  6. Aww that was so sweet of you and your friends put together a great bridal party for your BFF.