Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Wanna Be Outfit!

Though these arent the boots I have, they are close and this is the outfit I want to pair with it!
How do you wear your combat boots?
Hope you all like it!

I shall post my 'real' outfit as soon as I wear it!


  1. I love everything!!!
    Especially the Chanel, Miss Dior Cherie and the shirt!
    Cant wait to see your "real outfit"

  2. Love the shorts and tight combo

    Hakka for stopping by my blog your the sweetest

  3. This is such a cute outfit! Chanel bag <3
    And Miss Dior Cherie smells like heaven!

  4. Love the outfit, it's so parisian chic :) Have you seen Betty's blog? I think you'll like her style:

    Thank you for stopping by, I'll do my best to post often!

  5. Thanks everyone! I love Miss Dior Cherie, bf not so much :( I end up losing it too, not sure how! I think through the airport somewhere :(

  6. Ah love that bag! it will be a gorgeous outfit:) xx

  7. I love this style combination! I am into blouses at the moment, but not shorts. The shorts make my hips bigger.However I can see this outfit work very well.
    I love the perfume, the ring, the Channel bag. In fact it is great outfit for the city like London. :):):) Where I am moving to, soon.