Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Won!

Sooo last night I got an email from the fabulous Mara http://mara-x-mara.blogspot.com/ saying that I was one of the three winners for her 100 follower giveaway!! Whooohoooo! First time winner here! Not sure which of the three gift packs I won yet, but I will definitely show the results when I get em'! Aww just wanted to let everyone know because I was excited! I should prob come up with a giveaway soon.. once I hit my 100 follower mark! Well heres a pic of the day to show my appreciation! Thumbs up for winning! hehe

Hope you all are enjoying your day!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My NYC Trip + OOTD

Hey everyone! I know its been awhile (Marilou) hehe but here I am and I wanted to show some stuff I got and ate in New York! Which is my most favorite city ever!! Itching to check out London though...
Sooo me and my boyfriend of 11 1/2 years, went for 6 days to eat! We're not so much a sightseeing couple but more of hidden hole in the wall restaurant seekers :)
While we were there we had this awesome burger from Shake Shack which was a little stand in the middle of Madison Square Park lit up by string of lights (it was about 10pm when we went). Heres a pic of my burger with deep fried portobello mushroom!
Dont mind the chipped nail :) hehe
We also ate that this little restaurant in Rockefeller Center that had real good sandwiches
Of course we went to many others with the help of Yelp :) But I also did a little bit of shopping :D Here are my two perfumes I got from Bond No.9 in which we went to the original Bond No.9 Store! (the address was "9 Bond Street")
I loooove 'Scent of Peace' (purple bottle) went through 3 bottles in the past, the other is a new fav called NoHo.
And finally! the last photo (longest post ever!) hehe. I got this hooded peacoat from H&M but wore it today for my OOTD, here it is!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Love to hear your comments from this loooong post! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Fabulous Halloween Costume! Hehe

So I went back home (San Francisco) for Halloween this year and didnt bring a costume... So I made one! Hehe I actually got all these clothes from my moms closet, she was a little offended when I told her I was going to be a 'Dork' for Halloween and that I was going borrow her clothes hahah. But dont worry, she doesnt wear these all together.

So here it is! Im with my nephews Jerm and Johnny, they're both 13 and already taller than me!

Hot right? haha