Monday, December 13, 2010


Oh and wanted to show my NOTWeekend :)
Im wearing China Glaze 'Jade is The New Black' and China Glaze 'Emerald Fitzgerald' on the one finger :) Hope ya like it! (didnt clean them up to well)

And what Im drinking at the moment
Ginger Spice Latte :)


  1. Eeee I love these 2 nailpolishes. Perfect for the season, I like the little xmas touch you added by applying the CG emerald on one finger.
    I can't believe christmas is in 10 days ! Happy holidays :)

  2. Cute the green colour!
    @Marilou's totally right PERFECT for christmas.

  3. LOVE the darker shade of green! I've been meaning to get a new nail polish in a shade similar to would be so fitting this time of year!

    I was all over the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks before I realized I'm lactose intolerant. =/ I bet the ginger one is similar tasting...delicious!

  4. I love your nail polish! Starbucks Lattes are gorgeous! xx

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  6. Wow, jade is the new black is gorgeous. I want it :)

    Awww thank you so much hon, that is so sweet <3

    xo Christine

  7. Oooh I love those nail colors! :D
    Nope I didn't draw it, a girl named Rach did...there's a link to her blog in the sidebar of mine :D

  8. Oh la la love the color of your nails! It reminds me of the new Chanel nail polish they recently unveiled. Anyways thanks for following my blog. Yours is absolutely adorable. Def following!

    p.s. your background is absolutely adorable

  9. gorgeous colours, you have lovely nails x