Friday, November 19, 2010

My NYC Trip + OOTD

Hey everyone! I know its been awhile (Marilou) hehe but here I am and I wanted to show some stuff I got and ate in New York! Which is my most favorite city ever!! Itching to check out London though...
Sooo me and my boyfriend of 11 1/2 years, went for 6 days to eat! We're not so much a sightseeing couple but more of hidden hole in the wall restaurant seekers :)
While we were there we had this awesome burger from Shake Shack which was a little stand in the middle of Madison Square Park lit up by string of lights (it was about 10pm when we went). Heres a pic of my burger with deep fried portobello mushroom!
Dont mind the chipped nail :) hehe
We also ate that this little restaurant in Rockefeller Center that had real good sandwiches
Of course we went to many others with the help of Yelp :) But I also did a little bit of shopping :D Here are my two perfumes I got from Bond No.9 in which we went to the original Bond No.9 Store! (the address was "9 Bond Street")
I loooove 'Scent of Peace' (purple bottle) went through 3 bottles in the past, the other is a new fav called NoHo.
And finally! the last photo (longest post ever!) hehe. I got this hooded peacoat from H&M but wore it today for my OOTD, here it is!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Love to hear your comments from this loooong post! :)


  1. You and your BF sound like my family! We scope out all the "must eat at places" before we even get to our destination. Burger looks delish!

  2. in no way is this post long !!! that burger looks meaty jajaj love your boots you look great !!!

  3. Marilou, that's me me :-D woot wooot! haha

    The burger looks so friggin delicious. Portobello mushrooms are my favourites!
    You should do longer post more often, they're very cool to read.
    And the OOTD looks so comfy and casual but girly and glamorous. Good job!

  4. omg i'm obsessed with NYC is my fave city ever! you're so lucky & the burger looks too yummy! haha :D

  5. I want to go to NYC so badly. You're so lucky. Thanks for the quick food porn. :)

  6. i love NYC! i had so much fun there! can't wait to go back! love love love your OOTD! xoxo

  7. loving the outfit, your jacket looks really good! i like your blog a lot, xoxo


  8. @Mara haha noooo prob!
    @tuttifruttibeauti I so love NYC too! My fav city!
    @Victoria thanks! I like yours too :)

  9. So Jelous would love to go to New York!

    PS Great Coat!

  10. Looks like a fun trip. :) Your burger looks yummy, and your coat is lovely. I love hoods on jackets.

  11. I'm loving the hooded peacoat and diggin' your boots xoxo

    Pink Stilettos

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  13. wow i was just at paris gallery @dubai mall ,, with my guy friend who hes obsessed with this bond NY perfumes ,, i loved the blue bottle ,, ( his perfume ) and loved the one u got ,, the yellow transparent bottle ..
    but yeah for a 250$ ,, i dont think ill be getting one soon haha ,, ill save up for it ,, its amazing ,, n worth it .

    and also love ur blog hun ,, keep it up