Friday, September 10, 2010

Fav Fit and Polish!

This picture isnt the best, (from iPhone) but I had to share it! Its finally cooling down here in Vegas so I was able to get away with it!
I just got the sweater from the new Forever21 store in Vegas that is HUGE.. it use to be an old Neiman Marcus! Think of alll the possibilities!
My boots I've had for about a year now from Zara's in San Francisco

Now.. for my polish! I actually painted them 2 days ago so they dont look their best, but still wanted to show them :) I used OPI Parlez-Vous OPI!? and OPI Mad As A Hatter (love it!)

Hope you guys enjoyed!


  1. Hi! Thank you for following.

    Gorgeous nailpolish. I love it!!

  2. what an awesome lil pose you did?! so cute and I love that purple polish. How do you keep your cuticles so clean after polishing?

  3. Thanks! I actually put lotion on my hands first then clean my nails as I go.. The polish comes off a lot easier that way :)

  4. OMG looooove that nail polish i wish i could have one !
    lovely blog xx

  5. Love the combo! I'm dying to get opi mad as a hatter but unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get my hand on it! Sold out everywhere :( !
    And parlez vous opi is such a gorgeous colour! Good job

  6. Cool outfit and I love that colour nail polish xoxo

  7. I love those nail polish colors! Great blog x

  8. cute outfit !!! love the polish new follow thanks for stopping b y my page hope you can follow me too

  9. OMG the top is beautyfuuul*
    Where is it from?
    I hope from a store who gives in Germany too..=)
    Lovely Blog <3

  10. Whoohoo thanks!! I got the top from Forever 21.. I dunno if they have one out there, but you never know! Thanks for the post everyone!

  11. The nail polish is SOOOO PRETTY! I am going to get my hands on them tomorrow when I go to the mall. Thanks for showing us!

  12. ADORE THIS <3
    reminds me of lorrain stanick =)
    and cute outfit =)