Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I finally got Hidden Treasure!

After days of searching, I found the last Hidden Treasure at a  local Walgreens! Even awesomER when I came home to tell my boyfriend, he told me he just bought 2 Hidden Treasures for me from Ebay! Awww the love :)

So anyhoo.. I decided to do China Glaze 'For Audrey' with SH Hidden Treasure

And here is the end result!

Ahhh the pic is maybe not the best, but the color combo is perfect!
Hope u enjoyed!


  1. Love the color and paint job so pro!

  2. This is lovely! One of the prettiest nail varnish shades I have ever saw! Thanks for sharing ill be picking up the products for myself.... gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. This is such a pretty combination!

  4. ughh I've been looking for this color everywhere! lucky girl = ] And this color combo looks great! love love love your blog xoxo